Welcome to Matsue Vogel Park!

Matsue Vogel Park is located on the northern banks of Lake Shinji on the Shimane Peninsula, in a hilly area where the Ichibata Railway tranquilly runs right in front of it. From these lush green hills, you can also spot two mountain peaks: to the west, Mt. Sanbe, and to the east, Mt. Hoki-Daisen, which sets part of the stage for local Izumo mythology. Furthermore, it is a central point among four of Shimane's National Treasures (the main shrine of Izumo Taisha, the bronze swords and bronze bell-shaped vessels from the Kojindani and Kamo-Iwakura archeological ruins which are held at the Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo, Matsue Castle's tower, and Kamosu Shrine). It is also close to Tamatsukuri Onsen, a hot spring said to have been around since the time of Izumo mythology, and which is located on the opposite shores of Lake Shinji. No matter what direction you set out in, there are plenty of combinations with Matsue Vogel Park to make the most of your trip to the Izumo area!

A park for all types of weather

The park structures harmonize with the natural scenery of 32-hectares of lush green hills, and include two bird greenhouses, the large flower exhibition greenhouse, and a number of other facilities. The walking course around the park is entirely covered by a roof, so you can enjoy a pleasant visit even in stormy weather.


A paradise in which to interact with birds from around the world

In addition to the two bird greenhouses (one focused on waterfowl and another focused on tropical birds), there are plenty of other places to encounter birds throughout the entire park.
Throughout your day at the park, you can enjoy everything from watching the rare owl, hawk, and falcon flight show and adorable penguin stroll, to having bright and colorful tropical birds like toucans and turacos perch on your arm as you feed them.


Flowers in full bloom all year round!

Besides begonia and fuchsia, there flower exhibition greenhouse also displays coleus, brugmansia, geraniums, and other plants all year round.
Air conditioning helps maintain the proper conditions all year round, so no matter what the season or the weather, you can always enjoy flowers in full bloom.


Our flower picks



Bulb begonia




For your meal at Vogel Park, please enjoy one of our two restaurants: Restaurant Flora, and Fumai-an, where you can enjoy Izumo Soba, a famous dish of the Izumo region. Fumai-an can also prepare menus centered around Japanese cuisine for visitors coming in large groups.

Wheelchair Accessibility

In order for everyone to enjoy themselves, the entire park is wheelchair accessible. Small children, the elderly, people in wheelchairs or who otherwise have difficulty walking can all be at ease in our barrier-free park.

Along the course there is a moving walking that is a slope with no steps. However, because the park is designed to fit in along the naturally hilly landscape, there is one place in the park with steps. There is a vehicle available to assist visitors with wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers, so please inform the staff so that they transport you.

Two wheelchair accessible cars


Staff members provide rides from the Center Greenhouse to the Kunibiki Observatory for guests in wheelchairs.

 May take extra time depending on the number of wheelchairs in your party.
 Caregivers, please ride in the aide's seat.

Two electric carts which seat 8


Staff members provide rides from the Tropical Aviary to the Water Bird Pond for those with the inability to walk and for people with baby strollers.

Wheelchair accessible Toilets (5)

The Kunibiki Observatory, Waterfowl Aviary, Open Square, Tropical Aviary, and Duck House Snack Corner are all equipped with wide wheelchair accessible stalls and baby diaper changing stations.



There are wheelchairs, walkers, and baby strollers available at the main entrance. Rentals are free, so please tell the staff if you would like to use them.

Rentals Items Available
Wheelchairs 40 (Free)
Walker 10 (Free)
Strollers 15 (Free)
Coin Lockers
(for a fee)
\100: 10 (\200: 6)

Open Hours

Open Year Round

Apr. 1 ~ Sep. 30
9:00am~5:30pm(Last Entry 4:45pm)

Oct. 1 ~ Mar. 31
9:00am~5:00pm(Last Entry 4:15pm)


International Visitors, please present your foreign passport or Residence Card to receive the following discounts.

Applicable Visitor
International Discount: Adult \1,080


International Discount: Child



Regular Admission: Adult



Regular Admission: Child



(Kindergarten or younger)


Mode of transportation

Car / Taxi
40 minutes from Izumo Taisha, 25 minutes from Izumo Airport, 30 minutes from Tamatsukuri Onsen, 20 minutes from Matsue Castle

25 minutes from JR Matsue Station

Ichibata Railway
45 minutes from Izumo Taisha-mae Station, 15 minutes from Matsue Shinjiko Onsen Station (get off at Matsue Vogel Park Station, which is directly in front of the facility)

Car Park

Regular vehicles: 250 spaces
Buses: 17 spaces
Parking is free for up to two hours for regular vehicles and for buses. For each following hour, regular vehicles are \200 and buses are \820.


Park Precautions

It takes about an hour to go all around the park on a short visit, but there are events going on all day, so please take your time.
All event times and locations are subject to change without notice. Furthermore, events may be cancelled in case the birds are not feeling well.
Pets are not allowed to accompany you inside the park.
There are disinfectant mats and hand sanitizers at the entrances and exits of each hall. For preventative purposes, please be sure to use them.
 Smoking is only allowed in specified locations.
When feeding birds and other animals inside the park, please be sure to onlygive them food available for sale inside the park. Other food may make them sick.
Please refrain from behavior that may excessively incite the birds, or any other behavior that might cause harm.
Please do not remove any leaves or flowers from plants in the park. If you would like to take something home, there are flowers available for sale in the Center House.
It is possible to bring food and drink from outside of the park, but please only partake of them at the Kunibiki Observatory, Open Square (grass lawn), and the Tropical Aviary (tropical bird greenhouse). Be sure to take all of your garbage home for disposal.
Disposable cameras, film, and batteries are available at the Owl Souvenir Shop next to the reception desk and at the photo counter. (Batteries are only available at the Owl Souvenir Shop. No assistance provided for compact media.)
Please refrain from using tripods.
Due to the risk of copyright infringement and invasions of privacy, please attain permission from each party involved when photographing any object or person not belonging to the park.
Please note that the park staff may sometimes take photos and video for park advertising and promotional purposes. We thank you for your understanding.